taken a loan from Sallie Mae

“I had originally taken a loan from Sallie Mae in 2012 to pursue a further education. The loan was a big amount because the training was not cheap. Because my loan does not fall under “education”, it was considered a private unsecured loan. I knew I would have to give them big monthly payments but I figured I can manage and my salary would cover my payments. I could never be more wrong. Their minimum monthly payments are so high that even my father and I could not afford to pay them together. We have offered to pay them as much as we can but they refused. They demanded we pay the minimum payments in full each month.

We have attempted to enroll in four different programs of their payment schemes. They called a month later that our program was denied and we are behind in payments. I feel helpless and frustrated that this company refuses to work with us. I know this will probably leave a horrible mark on my credit rating.”