notice from Navient

“I received letters from Sallie Mae informing me of their plans to branch out into two separate companies. According to the letters, I will not have to do anything since I am on automatic payment. So imagine my surprise when I received a late payment notice from Navient. I called them immediately and the person I spoke with has no idea to what was going on with my acccount. I demanded to be transferred to a supervisor but he refused saying that his supervisor would just say the same thing to me. I told him I would not get off the phone until I have spoken with a supervisor. I was on hold for about 30 minutes when he came back and said his supervisor was still busy. I finally got to talk to a supervisor who explained that my loans were separated and that my automatic payment only applies to the one currently with Sallie Mae. I set up an automatic payment with Navient but my payments have not been posted until this moment. I’ve been trying to contact them to inquire about this but I could not get hold of a live person.

I am already concerned about my late fees. It seems that Navient is making it impossible for people to pay on time so they could make more money. If there is a class action suit out there, please let me know so I could sign up.”