call Navient to try to pay them

“My father’s Parent Plus Loans were handed over to Navient by the U.S. Department of Education. I figured that would not be problem as long as I am paying. My father and I has never missed a loan payment. I will share here an annoying experience which I encounter every month when I try to pay Navient. Every month, I would call Navient to try to pay them over the phone. The system would ask for my account number. I would spell my account number as clearly as I could. This machine would then reply that it didn’t catch my number. I would then proceed to key in my account number but it still won’t recognize it. So I’d give up and try to make the payment online. I would try to log in to my account, the details of which are written next to my computer. Their system would say my password was incorrect. I would make another password. This process is repeated every month. Sometimes their system would not recognize my payment information.

Why does Navient makes it so hard for customers to pay them? Are they hoping customers would miss a payment so they could put them in delinquency? I just want to get over with this debt so I don’t have to be subjected to this exasperating process every month.”